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Nuestro último artículo, aceptado en Reproduction in Domestic Animals

The regulation of aromatase and androgen receptor expression during gonad development in male and female European eel

D.S. Peñaranda, I. Mazzeo, V. Gallego, J. Hildahl, R. Nourizadeh-Lillabadi, L. Pérez, F.-A. Weltzien, J.F. Asturiano

This research investigated the regulation of aromatase and androgen receptor gene expression in the brain-pituitary-gonad (BPG) axis of male and female European eels (Anguilla anguilla) during induced sexual maturation. Complete Anguilla anguilla aromatase (aa-cyp19a1) and partial androgen receptor α and β (aa-ara and aa-arb) sequences were isolated, and qPCR assays were validated and used for quantification of transcript levels for these three genes. Expression levels of the genes varied with sex, tissue, and stage of maturation. aa-arb was expressed at higher levels than aa-ara in the pituitary and gonad in both sexes, suggesting aa-arb is the physiologically most important androgen receptor in these tissues. In the female brain, a decrease in aa-ara and an increase in aa-cyp19a1 were observed at the vitellogenic stage. In contrast, a progressive increase in all three genes was observed in the pituitary and ovaries throughout gonadal development, with aa-arb and aa-cyp19a1 reaching significantly higher levels at the vitellogenic stage. In the male pituitary, a decrease in aa-arb and an increase in aa-cyp19a1 were observed at the beginning of spermatogenesis, and thereafter remained low and high, respectively. In the testis, the transcript levels of androgen receptors and aa-cyp19a1 were higher during the early stages of spermatogenesis and decreased thereafter. These sex-dependent differences in the regulation of the expression of aa-ara, aa-arb, and cyp19a1 are discussed in relation to the role of androgens and their potential aromatization in the European eel during gonadal maturation.

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