domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Nuestro último artículo, en Theriogenology

Comparison of two techniques for the morphometry study on gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) spermatozoa and evaluation of changes induced by cryopreservation
V. Gallego; D.S. Peñaranda; F. Marco-Jiménez; I. Mazzeo; L. Pérez; J.F. Asturiano

Theriogenology 77: 1078-1087

The development of powerful software has made possible spermatozoa morphology studies. However, some problems have emerged in relation to protocol standardization to compare results from different laboratories. This study was carried out to compare two techniques commonly used (staining vs phase contrast technique) for the morphometry study of gilthead sea bream spermatozoa using an integrated sperm analysis system (ISAS). Spermatozoa morphometry values were significantly affected by the technique used, and phase contrast technique was found to be the more accurate method, showing lower coefficients of variation on spermatozoa morphometry parameters measurements. Moreover, it has been shown that cryopreservation process produces damage in gilthead sea bream spermatozoa, causing negative effects in sperm parameters as spermatozoa morphometry (a decrease in cell volume), motility (from 95 to 68% motile cells) and viability (from 95 to 87% of live cells), being the addition of freezing medium containing cryoprotectant (DMSO) an important factor that caused the morphometry changes.