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Eel sperm cryopreservation: an overview

Juan German Herranz-Jusdado, Victor Gallego, Marina Morini, Christoffer Rozenfeld, Luz Pérez, Tamás Müller, Ákos Horváth, Hiromi Ohta, Juan F. Asturiano

Theriogenology 133: 210-215. 2019

The eels are teleost fishes from the order Anguilliformes that includes several species with high commercial value. Due to the high interest for aquaculture production of some eel species and for the need to restore eel species that are endangered, several research groups have directed their research toward developing protocols to cryopreserve the spermatozoa of Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica) and European eel (Anguilla anguilla). In this review, we provide an overview on the different protocols that have been developed so far. The first developed protocols used DMSO as cryoprotectant in both species with good success, obtaining sperm motilities of over 45% in Japanese eel and over 35% in European eel. Moreover, sperm cryopreserved using DMSO was successfully used in fertilization trials, although with low fertilization rates. However, recent studies show that DMSO produce epigenetic changes in eel sperm and therefore, the last developed protocols used methanol as cryoprotectant instead. Cryopreservation protocols using methanol as cryoprotectant, showed improved motility values in both Japanese and European eel. In addition, the latest protocols have been adapted to cryopreserve larger volumes of sperm of up to 5 mL, which is useful for larger scale fertilization trials.
The present study introduces the state of the art and future perspectives of the eel sperm cryopreservation to be applied in aquaculture and biological conservation programs.

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