jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

6th AQUAGAMETE Training School

The 6th AQUAGAMETE COST Action Training School (“Molecular basis of fish gamete quality: genomic tools”) was held in Rennes (France) from June 6th to 10th, 2016, on the Rennes 1 University campus of Beaulieu. It was organized by Dr. Julien Bobe, leader of the AQUAGAMETE Working Group 1. Techniques for evaluation of gametes quality, and Dr. Catherine Labbé. The trainers included 11 staff from the INRA Fish Physiology and Genomics lab, for both the practical and the conferences, and two trainers from Spain, Dr. Paz Herráez and Dr. Francesc Piferrer. The training course welcomed 18 trainees from 11 countries.
The Training School was focused on the Molecular basis of gamete quality and reproduction, with a strong orientation towards genomic tools. The 2h conferences spanned over sperm genetic damage and repair in fish, epigenetics and inheritance, microRNA and female fecundity, and insight into several genomic tools including the sequencing technologies, and transgenesis approaches with a special focus on CrispR/Cas9.
The practical sessions were focused on RNA extraction and quality checking, microarray analysis of fish samples in reproduction research, and sequence searching including tools presentation, primer design and phylogeny/syntheny search.

A visit of the INRA experimental fish facility allowed the trainees to discover the fully equipped behavior room, with the test chambers and the video recording system, and the rearing rooms of more than 7 freshwater species with specific photoperiod, water parameters, and temperature. The functioning of the water recycling system was explained, together with the anti-escapees system required for the transgenic fish of the facility (trout, medaka, goldfish, zebrafish). The dedication of the trainers and the motivation of the trainees ensured the success of this intense week of training.

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